Toolkit Lunch Seminars

Lunchtime mini-seminars where you learn and practice the tools you need to succeed in business

Learn from people with first-hand experience: successful entrepreneurs, investors and experienced professionals. This series is a brown bag lunch event here at SoCo Nexus. The topics and content are tailored to your needs as an innovator, entrepreneur, small business owner and/or professional. These are the key elements to ongoing success.

The seminars are hosted on the second and fourth Thursday of each month from 12-1 pm. Bring your lunch and build your toolkit.

Next Toolkit Lunch: Thursday, 12-1pm, Date Announced Soon! at SoCo Nexus RSVP Soon

Memory Training for Professionals

Presented by: Chester Santos,

Develop your most valuable business asset: your brain!

Chester SantosIn this fun and interactive presentation, U.S. Memory Champion, Chester Santos will help you to develop your most valuable business asset: your brain! Memory is absolutely fundamental to learning, so improving one’s memory can have a dramatic impact on job performance. From engineers that need to learn the newest technologies, to managers that need to give presentations and remember names, every professional can benefit from developing memory skills. During this short program, you will receive an overview of effective memory techniques for remembering names to help build better business relationships and get more out of networking. Attendees will also learn a number of memory boosting methods that will exercise their imagination and awaken their creativity. Everyone will leave this presentation with sharper minds and a solid foundation in exercises and techniques that will benefit them throughout their careers and personal lives.

Chester Santos, “The International Man of Memory”, is one of the world’s foremost experts on memory training. He’s helped thousands of people around the world to realize the benefits of an improved memory and sharper mind, and has appeared in some of the best respected television, radio, and print media all over the world. Chester is also the 2008 USA National Memory Champion. He has spoken for executive organizations such as YPO, CEO Clubs International, and AceTech as well as for many Fortune 500 companies, and prestigious universities. Chester’s presentations are a wonderfully unique blend of interactivity, entertainment, inspiration, and education. He delights audiences while helping them to develop real world skills that they can apply to achieve more success in their career and personal life. His presentations are “unforgettable” experiences that everyone will always “remember” and talk about for years to come.

Some of our past topics:

  • “Starting Up Your Startup: Building Out Your Finance and HR Infrastructure” David Ehrenberg, CEO of Early Growth Financial Services
  • “Equity Financing for Start Up Companies” Simon Inman, Partner with Carle, Mackie, Power and Ross
  • “Angel Presentations That Get Funded” Che Voigt, Cofounder of Sonoma Design Group
  • “Transforming Conflict – From Obstacles to Opportunities” Susan Sulc, Conflict Transformation Facilitator
  • “Financing for Small Businesses” Hannah Kelley-Bell, Small Business Administration