The North Bay Make-A-Thon

is an all day Maker session, where teams of creative people work together developing, hacking, building, forming and creating something new. Maker teams come with a concept in mind, but do all the hands-on work at the event. Teams get support, materials and advice from experts during the event—including programmers, engineers, welders, carpenters, artists and more. Then, the teams present their results to a team of judges to compete for cash prizes and community recognition!

March 4th, 2017, 6am–8pm


Brainstorm! Get together with the people on your team and think about what you might make. Do you want to solve a problem, invent something new, or improve on something that already exists? Do you want to develop a big collaborative art project, or write a computer program? Design and build something?

Narrow it Down and Make a List! Pick what kind of make your team will create, and then figure out what equipment and materials will be needed. Will people with special skills and abilities will be required to get the work done? Recruit more team members if you need to. Ask the organizers for help building your team’s skills.

Get Ready! Get together with your team to do some planning and practicing before the event, decide who will do what parts of the project and see if you need to learn any new skills beforehand. Let us know if you need a Maker Mentor to give you some pre-event advice!

Watch for maker events and lessons hosted at our partners 180 Studios, Chimera Art and Maker Space, Sonoma State University and Sonoma County Libraries.

Read about last year’s event here.

More info coming soon!