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The SoCo Nexus Accelerator

There is so much expertise out there, it can be hard to know if you have the right people advising you. Especially when you are starting out.

Our team of instructors are chosen from the very best of the North Bay and Bay Area. That means not just having been through the startup process and making a successful exit, but being able to step out of their own experience to break down their process into teachable chunks.

Stay tuned to meet our instructors.

If you want to learn the basics of marketing or financial modeling, go get a book. If you want the most current proven tools to work through your organization’s immediate issues in real time with the support of a content area expert who also happens to be a great teacher, come to us.

Each cohort is made up of organizational leaders as dedicated as you are to moving beyond the frustration and roadblocks of early phase startup. Products will be at various levels of development, so everyone will be able to learn from each other’s successes and missteps. Your fellow students will be a circle of confidants pulling for your success.

Be prepared to work. The program will expect you to dedicate about 10 hours per week for 4 months in addition a 4 hour class meeting once per week. We know you are busy—good news, this is the work you are doing anyway, but more efficiently and with tons of supportive input.

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Our goal is your goal. Do everything possible to get the right product to market in an organization that is financially sustainable. We will explore scaling, investment, optimizing and living well in the work that you love.

The course is 4 months, meeting once per week for 4 hours.
Each unit will take you from juggling uncertainty and chasing leads for money to balancing a viable organization against clearly understood needs of the market. Topics covered will include examination and alignment of the value proposition, business strategy and growth models, financial planning and strategy, brand building, go-to-market strategies, and culminating presentations.

Once a week, you will be invited to an intimate “In Conversation” dinner, open to all Accelerator clients, mentors, educators, staff, sponsors and incubator clients who have chosen to attend that day’s Accelerator session. These are informal, frank conversations between Accelerator leadership and a special guest speaker drawn from among the most successful and innovative entrepreneurs—locally and across the country. Because the talks are off-the-record, you will have access to information and insights not publicly available, giving you a peek into the mind and real world experience of those who have blazed the path before you.


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