The mission of the SoCo Nexus is to create high value jobs in the North Bay by enabling and accelerating the success of technology startups within a dynamic, sustainable and synergistic environment.

As the North Bay’s first business incubator, the SoCo Nexus is a non-profit organization providing facilities, support and mentoring to the region’s entrepreneurs.  By improving the success rate of start-up businesses focused on sustainable and socially-relevant technologies, we create jobs and provide an essential tool in developing a business community that is both prosperous and dedicated to sustainable growth.

SoCo Nexus is presently focused on four sectors of the North Bay business ecosystem: sustainable resources, medical technology, cloud based technology, and manufacturing.

Located at the heart of Sonoma Mountain Village, North America’s first One Planet Community. If you care about sustainability and want to be a part of an eco-conscious community, you’re in the right place!